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Do you want to create a new webshop? Already have a webshop but looking for a better, more stable and future proof platform? Do you know which platform you want but are still looking for a partner who fits you and helps you build a successful e-commerce channel?

We offer you a workshop that will help you move forward, help you make (the right) choices and give you the tools to request a quotation (RFP) with all your requirements.

What is it?

One or more half-day sessions in which Bold's e-commerce specialists will brainstorm with your team (all relevant stakeholders) about everything to do with the webshop. By simply asking lots of questions, it becomes clear what the project actually entails.

This can be done on location ( of course respecting corona measures) or digitally.

We'll come to help you create a good briefing that you can send to potential webshop builders. It serves as a good starting point to get a quote/estimate.

This workshop consists of three parts:

  1. Intake interview
  2. Workshop(s)
  3. Drafting briefing document(RFP)


We often see that the size of an e-commerce project is underestimated, and as a result the project is doomed to fail from the start. Or just the opposite: it is clear that it is a big project, but where do you start?

At first glance, it just looks like a website with some products. But where does the product information come from? Does that need to be enriched? What about prices, including VAT, excluding VAT abroad? Shipping costs for PostNL and free in-store pickup, how do you arrange that? How often do you want stock to be synchronized? Can visitors see different currencies, but only checkout in euros? Do you want products sorted by popularity, but also by availability, and also margin? So on and so forth.

To get a good picture of all the moving parts of the webshop, it is important to sit down with specialists who ask the right questions and really go into depth. Leave no stone unturned. That is why it's also important that all stakeholders are present. Perhaps Finance has invoicing requirements, logistics wants weights to be sent along to the carrier, IT can only import and export XML files, and marketing has a specific Google Tag Manager implementation in mind.

In addition, sometimes you have to deal with external partners and systems such as a fulfilment partner, perhaps a loyalty system, an email marketing provider or a PIM. Those will also require links.

In short, we make sure the puzzle pieces fall into place.


After a telephone intake we can together determine what your wishes are, whether we can help you and how many half-day sessions are needed. Of course you can always start with a half day and then decide if more time is needed.

Intake interview 0 euro
(pre)workshop 2 uur 400 euro
Daily session of 4 uur 1000 euro (incl. briefing)

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