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Your shop is our shop.

We are Bold. We are your technical-strategical e-commerce partner.

Our specialty is building and maintaining tailored webshops based on Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

Our trade is more than digital craftmanship.

We are thinkers, doers, connectors, pioneers, initiators and the spider-in-the-web in challenging e-commerce projects in which quality and success come first.

We are happy to take you on a journey of discovery.

With Bold you choose a reliable, high-quality e-commerce partner with experience. This provides peace of mind and confidence in conquering new territory within your industry.

Magento Gimmick

Your shop is our shop.

Based on this commitment and ownership, we operate on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship, interpersonal synergy and digital symbiosis.

The Bold Promise

Our proposition. Next Level Commerce.

Our expertise

Realizing tailored solutions for complex e-commerce challenges.

Our strength

Integrating Magento seamlessly into the organization and its business processes.

Our added value

Our involvement and attention, focus on quality and the ability to apply our knowledge and experience.

Bold Moves For Bold Businesses

Our customers chose us because we asked questions that they could not yet answer.

Check out our portfolio to view these and other Magento cases.

The Bold Approach

Our way of working. You and us, pulling things off as a team.

We only work with in-house developers because we believe that personal contact is crucial for the success of a complex project.

Our approach to working physically together as a team - also one or more days a week together with the product owner from the customer - has proven to be not only enjoyable but also very successful.

Questions are asked back and forth, plans are made, workflows devised and new things tried out. There is sparring and brainstorming, watching, copying, learning and laughing.

In this way we eliminate noise, transfer knowledge and move mountains.

We Value Our Values

Our values. Trust differs from being reliable.

Reliability comes from keeping your promise. Trust is the feeling that emerges from having a common set of values and beliefs.

Sincerity and authenticity are important to us. They symbolize who we are and what we stand for: doing what we say and conveying what we believe in.

bold commerce office

The Messis of Magento

Magento Webshop Development

BOLD shops are built in Magento 2. As far as we’re concerned, it is the open source platform for demanding e-commerce activities. Innovative, scalable and future-proof. We have been working with Magento for ages. That’s how we know the do’s and don’ts like no other. We are able to customize the tools that Magento offers to the needs of our customers. Each product requires its own interpretation. Every customer is looking for a distinctive shop.

Bold gets the best out of Magento 2 for you.

Our standard is not standard

Magento support and technical management

Webshops require and deserve constant care and attention.

After go-live, we take care of the technical management and further development of your webshop. We use our experience to continuously keep improving your online findability, shopping experience and turnover. Working together to take our ambitions to the next level.

This is how we keep our shops in tip-top shape.

Your webshop architects

Bold consists of a compact, multidisciplinary team of Magento specialists. A healthy mix of veterans and young dogs.

Our experience, short lines of communication, focus on quality and the efficient application and transfer of our knowledge give us our strength.


Feel free to give us a call on 020-3035076 or mail us at [email protected] Or drop by the Teleportboulevard in Amsterdam and ring the bell at number 128.