Our standard is not standard

Magento Support and Management

Webshops deserve constant care and attention.

We therefore establish intensive and long-term relationships with our clients. With Bold by your side, you can rest assured that you will be well-equipped as you venture into the e-commerce landscape.

Management and maintenance of a Bold shop

After launching your webshop, our collaboration does not end. On the contrary.

As 'living organisms', web shops are always on the move. Therefore, we do not sit back but proactively advise you which steps we can take to take your ambitions to the next level.

Sharing knowledge is very important to us. If an A/B test of a shop shows that something can be done better this way and that, we are happy to share this with our other customers.

We offer maintenance agreements starting at 16 hours per month. We believe this is the minimum amount of attention needed to keep a successful Magento 2 webshop successful.

We use the hours from this support bundle to keep the webshop in top technical condition, to provide support and to use our knowledge and experience to get the best out of your online sales.

Change A Losing Team

Do you already have a Magento shop?

If you've outgrown your current partner, or they can no longer give you the attention you need, it pays to engage another Magento builder.

We also hear from companies that they are serviced by their builder, but only when they ask for it themselves. So they miss a proactive partner who thinks with them and guides them.

If your store was not built by us, we are also happy to help you.

We understand that it is exciting to transfer your shop to another party. Especially if it is your primary or even only sales channel. That is why we like to show you that your shop is in good hands with us.

Therefore, we usually do a proof-of-concept: we set up a shadow copy of your shop, which runs at our hosting partner Byte of Hipex, To demonstrate our ability to run your shop faster and better than with your current party.

Of course, you can also simply call one of our clients to ask how they experience working with us.

Met Bold in zee gaan

If you choose to have us maintain your shop, we first make sure we have a solid starting point.

By putting your shop through its paces, we (and you) know what we're up against.

We test your shop on several fronts. We take a close look at the outside, also through the eyes of your target audience. And under the hood through a quick code review. With this we hold the quality of the extensions and the customization against the light. We assess whether it conforms to Magento standards and e-commerce best-practices.

Armed with these findings, we go to work to ensure that your shop is well put together in all areas.

Bold + (Byte || Hipex) == Pro

Bold partners with Magento hosting specialists Byte en Hipex

We prefer to place the shops we manage with our hosting partners. Besides offering excellent service and a mountain of industry-specific knowledge, they have proven track records and we have (very) short lines of communication with them.

We are happy to advise you on which party is best suited for your specific case.

Hear what's possible with your shop?

Feel free to call us at 020-3035076, email to [email protected] if you want to hear about your options.

Or stop by at the Teleportboulevard in Amsterdam and ring at number 128. You can taste our coffee right away!