The Messis of Magento

Magento webshop development

Our strength lies in making Magento seamless to the organization.

Although we are a technical building party, we actively think about all the processes that involve Magento.

On Your Marks

Approach and method

Often we are brought in to a project at an early stage, allowing for opportunities to forge really solid plans.

We are the spider in the web in extensive projects involving designers, SEO and SEA specialists, online marketing agency, logistics, finance and the e-commerce team.

We work according to the principles of Scrum, be it with our own twist. In doing so, we use sprints and iterative delivery: a methodology that we have found produces the best results.

Although Scrum always forms the basis, we always adjust exactly how we approach the process to your plans, wishes and expectations. After all, no shop is the same.

Ready Set Go

Magento kickstart with Bold extensions.

We don't like to reinvent the wheel, which is why we have developed a battery of extensions built according to Magento standards and e-commerce best-practices that we deploy in all our shops.

This flying start significantly shortens the lead time of the development process.

We have also developed all kinds of smart tools, such as an extensive development street and real-time monitoring software. This allows us to develop efficiently, carefully and accurately.

All in all, what this means for you is that your BOLD shop will function and perform excellently, and we will deliver within the agreed deadline.

Bold Moves For Bold Businesses

Our clients picked us because we asked questions they didn't yet have answers to.

Come spar with us about your Magento challenge

Feel free to call us at 020 - 303 50 76, email to [email protected]. Or stop by at Teleportboulevard in Amsterdam and ring the bell at number 128.

We have great coffee and for connoisseur we always have a nice supply of craft beer.