We value our values

We like to connect with people who have values that we identify with, and they with ours. This leads to the long-term, close relationships we seek.

We stand for (and behind) our core values.










Trustworthiness follows from keeping what you promise. Trust is the feeling created by having common values and beliefs.

Professionalism reflected by a fine portfolio and nice testimonials is of course fine starting point and a baseline for credibility. But achieving mutual trust is the key to successfully advancing as a team and excelling together. Daring to make mistakes and learning from them in order to rise to unprecedented heights is also part of this. We therefore believe in an open and personal way of working together where trust is at the base.


Sincerity and authenticity: they symbolize who we are, what we stand for.

Doing what we say and propagating what we believe in. It defines our actions. This is reflected in the people we have gathered around us over the years: our colleagues, our clients, our partners, our network.

In our case, being authentic means staying true to our sense of responsibility through our boundless commitment, that extra step and that final sprint where we have to pry and pull. But it also means daring to say no at the right moments, to ask that one tough question, to step on the brakes or to push back.


For us, passion and fun are two important pillars in our business strategy and indicators of our success.

Enjoying a partnership and wanting to work on a shop with dedication and devotion are musts for us. We are therefore critical when selecting our customers, just as our potential customers are rightly critical when choosing their Magento partner.

We also consider a match in terms of philosophy, level of ambition, organizational agility and ethics to be important. After all, synergy occurs only when the team composition is right and the goal is common.


We only do Magento, but in all its facets.

We have deliberately chosen not to be a full service agency but operate exclusively from our specialty. After all, you don't have open-heart surgery performed by your general practitioner either.

On the other hand, we have gathered a healthy network of specialists around us who also belong to the top segment of their field and with whom we cooperate on a frequent basis.

Do our values resonate with you?

Come experience for yourself that these are not empty container terms.

Dial 020 - 303 50 76 on your phone and press 'Call' or email to [email protected]. You can also drop by: go to Teleportboulevard in Amsterdam and ring the bell at number 128.

You are more than welcome!